Local Color Gallery presents

Sandee Sander

"If I had to choose one word, I would like to paint ‘gloriously’ to give thanks to the Lord for his wonderful creation and for giving me the gift of my art. If others enjoy my work, I am truly honored."
Rejoicing in her great love of color, Sandee seeks to capture the essence, or spirit, within her subjects. Emphasizing clear and vibrant hues with energetic brushwork brings exuberance to her paintings that transports above the ordinary. With both transparent and opaque paints on her palette, she concentrates on analogous colors to build each still life into a lively, dramatic statement. Her landscapes range from the gentleness of the rolling meadow to the drama and excitement of the Southwestern bathed in light.

In all of her work, Sandee adds, “You will sense an element of peacefulness. There is enough turmoil in our everyday walk; I want to reach beyond it."

Expanding on her degree in Education, Sandee has studied at the Art Student’s League, The Scottsdale Artist School, and the University of Memphis and has participated in a variety of workshops across the country. She teaches classes in oil and pastel and offers several workshops in the Mid-South area.